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Denny's Learning Methodology: Curriculum Design for Management Workshop Researched principals of adragogy, wrote content, facilitator script and activities for a national training program. Created storyboard and designed and animated video for visual storytelling that connected training to learning theory. Expanded 6 power point slides into a one hour, interactive, face-to-face workshop. (Target Learner: Denny's Management, Corporate Learning) Link: Workshop Script Link: Workshop PPT

PLS 3rd Learning: Curriculum Design, Instructional Coaching Researched, edited, synthesized and wrote content, assignments and activities for a new 8 week course compiled from 8 professional development micro-learning modules. Customized course assignment to content. (Target Learner: Graduate Teaching Student) Link: Curriculum

PLS 3rd Learning: Curriculum Redesign, Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility Conducted user studies/interviews with course instructors for pain points, surveyed student feedback Coached SME in writing, synthesized concepts, evaluated SME resources for APA quality Created APA references, converted a 9-week course into 8 weeks during revision. See before and after at link. (Target Learner: Graduate Teaching Student) Link: Reallocating content Link: Compare old/new Link: New Worksheet

Multi State Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium (MAVCC): Advertising and Design Text and Workbook (Appointed by Pennsylvania Department of Higher Education) Subject Matter Expert and Curriculum Designer Developed curriculum and wrote to the MAVCC style guide on topics of vector illustration (unit 10), raster images and digital photography (unit 11)  and web portfolios (unit 13). Created objectives, assignments, assessments, a matrix of student learning outcomes, a competency profile, nodes of instructional task and analysis, a student workbook and teacher companion guide, for various areas of digital design. (Target Learner: Grades 9-12) Link: Student Workbook Link: Teacher Guide

MAVCC units 10, 11 and 13 Competency profiles and task analysis. Link: Competency profile Link: Instructional task analysis nodes

Wilkes University / PLS 3rd Learning: Video Instruction, compilation created as lead instructional designer then through 8 years as a full-time media professor (Target Learner: College Students who needed adanced learning or remediation. + professors.) Link: Vector Illustration Link: Moodle (LMS) user tips

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