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Qualitative Research

September 2015

Ed.D. Dissertation

Literacy Through Photography: Third-Year and Beyond, First-Generation College Student Experience with Culture and Academic Discourse

  • Featured a comprehensive view of first-generation, millennial struggles through candid accounts facilitated by interpretive, narrative, and qualitative action-based research. The framework of the study was informed by education, literacy and psychology [Online HTML]

December 2012

Ethnographic Photo Study

Sudden Disability in a World of Creativity

  • Featured the lived experience through a qualitative journey of a non-traditional college student who suffered neurological symptoms from Lyme Disease. View 

Conference Presentation and Publication

May 2020

Conference Presentation - The Download /xAPI Party 

xAPI: LRS to LMS for Beginners

  • Utilize xAPI tracking and reports in an LMS

  • Explore the path (cycle) from Learning Media to SCORM Cloud (LRS) to Moodle (LMS) View


April 2018

Conference Paper and Presentation – Partners for Connections in Education Conference

Your Students as Agents of Change: Experiential, Project-based, Interdisciplinary, and Inquiry-driven Curriculum Serving Clients from the Local Community

  • How to empower students with a bottom-up approach to community building through education 

  • Communicating with and guiding students and colleagues, managing non-profits and leading and motivating external volunteers for positive, action-packed, community-based learning experiences

April 2017

Presentation Kings College - Identity at a Crossroads: Third-Wave Feminism and Intersectionality Conference

I've Talked with Women: A Qualitative Journey, Growth, Understanding and Pain Points in Establishment of Volunteer Programs Serving Disadvantaged Individuals

  • Case study

  • Service learning project that led to a community organization

March 2016

Conference Presentation - Eastern Communication Association
(selected by blind peer review)

Our [R]evolutionary Role in the Academic Curriculum: A Two-Part Roundtable Discussion on Bridging Academic Cultures While Teaching Communication in Other Disciplines

  • Presentation on interdisciplinary teaching in higher education

April 2012

Women and Gender Studies Conference Presentation, Wilkes University

Problem Based Learning and Information Communication Technology: a Millennial Transition to Higher Education

Research-based Service


NIH Certification for research ethics

August May 2015-May 2017

Wilkes University IRB Committee Member

  • Reviewed continuous body of institutional research to advocate for all human subjects

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