In the slideshow find samples of my recent educational interactions created to meet rigid accessibility standards. They were considered a "showpiece" and were expected to test at a higher level of accessibility compliance than The 5 templates below were used throughout 25 different online courses. Simplicity in design and interaction was key to pass standards for 7 types of disability. Click the digital illustrations to see videos of high-fi prototypes. 

UI/LX and Learning Design For
Accessible Interactions

Denny's Learning Theory Video, Created in Keynote

Denny's came to me with 6 power point slides. I transformed their vision into a one-hour, interactive workshop for corporate management. The final product included a script, expansive power point with animation and the animated video below. 

Instructional Design Course, Created in Articulate 360

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 11.55.18

This is a sample of UX research and design transformed a customer engagement process for Degree2Career. I started with a whiteboard wireframe and moved to paper prototypes with transparent overlays. Finally, I created high fidelity prototype screens through Photoshop art boards then imported them for a working prototype to InVision.

UX Research and Design




Low Fi Prototypes

High Fi Prototypes