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Game Based Learning

With limited turnaround time I created a game-based learning using a MVP approach by way if a creative concept and rapid development resources (stock images and Rise) Click image to see the course.

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Work Notes

Work notes with clearly defined steps meet the needs of call center representatives who cannot log into a course or view a video while helping associates. Click image to preview file.

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Learning Data 

This data set from Google Analytics shows learner demographics, behavior and interaction trends across the LMS (Moodle) where I installed the HTML code. Click image to preview file.

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Life Cycle of a Learning Campaign

This 7 step process was developed to sync efforts among the L &D team and communicated processes and expectations to internal clients. Click image to preview file 

process infographic1_4.jpg

Scenario based learning, makes performance data relevant

This Rise scenario-based learning made Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data relevant to customer service agents. Along with story, custom cinemegraphs were created to keep the learner engaged, the story alive and the content easy to scale. Click image to see the course.

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Blog Post for Articulate eLearning Heroes

When marketing meets eLearning in an online community format everybody wins. See this blog post I wrote for eLearning Heroes Click image to preview file - Download PDF to visit links


The 20K Why Webinar

Developed and Co-hosted an Artificial Intelligence (for sales) webinar series resulting in increased order size by 10.69% and on average increased revenue by 27.96% in the immediate days following each session. The Hook in this training was the title. It drove engagement and results.


Story Makes
Learning Sticky

This  Rise training used story to make (KPIs) and Software processes meaningful in a human-centered way. It yielded a 9% increased Delivery Success Rate on a global scale. Click image to view the course.

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Dealing With a Difficult Customer 

People have many layers and customer support representatives see them all. Check out this Articulate Rise course with Vyond animations to gain an understanding of Difficult Customer Conversations.  
Click image to preview file.

Click here to see my process.

Customer Service: Difficult Conversation

Task-Based Virtual Learning Environment

This Storyline course is a 360 degree learning environment proof of concept. It explores a task-based activity in a multi-step process tracked by xAPI. Virtual environmental learning reduces training costs by reducing production disruption. Click image to see the proof of concept.

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Storytelling and Theme for Context

This Articulate Rise course featured audio paired with stock images and stock video to support a story that portrayed the learners as a secret agent. 


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Micro Learning 

This Articulate Rise module addresses fan FAQ for associates in the field. 

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