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  • Dr. Sara Moore

Management Plays a Key Role in Training Success

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

When managers show support for training the success rate increases by 23% (Broad & Newstrom, 2019). You're probably thinking you don't have time to support training, and really, isn't training the job of the trainers?

I get it and so does Laura van den Ouden, award winning trainer from the Netherlands. I mentioned Ouden in my last blog post. She's super smart, she gets amazing training results and she's kind. I mention kind because she shared a fantastic resource, 75 actions managers can take to own a role in employee training, from a recent speaking engagement. Sharing is caring, so I'm going to share this awesome tool with you!

Her formula for success includes 3 stages of interaction, covering the time periods before, during and after training. With Ouden's menu of engagement every manager can find a level of involvement that suits their personal preference and time. If you're seeking improved results on the tail end of training these small suggestions can get you there.

Recently, I took Ouden's ideas for a test drive. I had a riveting training topic...okay, it wasn't riveting at all, but it was very important. High engagement and completion were essential. I looked at Ouden's list and chose one idea from each of the three stage columns. I built management support into the training by sketching it right into my storyboard.

A storyboard of my storyboard. I can't share that stuff with you. It's top secret.

Take a look at Ouden's action list to see how I used her strategy. In the plan management informed employees about the program prior to training (3), participated during training (with video intro and outro clips) (27) and updated stakeholders on improvements of employees after the training (65).

The response was a resounding success and I was asked to repeat the formula for an upcoming training. It's a good thing Ouden shared her 75 actions so we can maintain those results while keeping things fresh.

I encourage managers to check out this list of actions to support better training results and I equally encourage learning designers to use this list to start a new kind of training storyboard and a new conversation that includes more key people throughout the stages of training.

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